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Home + Living

How to be a great host (hint: it’s simpler than it seems)

What does it take to be a good host? If Instagram has you convinced hospitality requires lots of money to spend on decor and the ...
Health + Wellness

3 ways to give your sleep routine a fall makeover

I love the changing of the seasons, and the transition of summer into autumn may just be my favorite time of year, except for one ...
Adventure + Creativity

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of REINVENT Magazine is here!

It’s here…the Spring/Summer issue of my magazine, REINVENT…and this one is special. With essays and articles about everything from backyard chickens and foraging in the ...
Health + Wellness

5 essential elements of my midlife bedtime routine

I’ll be honest: I haven’t always been a “good sleeper.” In my 20s and early 30s, tried to cram in all my “me-time” after the ...
Health + Wellness

3 Herbal Tea Blends To Help You Sleep

One of the most enjoyable elements of my midlife bedtime routine is a hot cup of herbal tea (more accurately called an herbal infusion or ...
Health + Wellness

Why sunrise alarm clocks are saving my midlife sleep (plus, my favorite models.)

I’ve been a faithful user of sunrise alarm clocks for years now, and they have truly transformed my attitude about mornings and experience of waking ...
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