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Divorce + Relationships

Do-over wedding plans & midlife marriage advice

If you were getting married all over again, what would you change about your wedding? And, what are the best and most challenging things about …

Adventure + Creativity

From Farmer to Author With Anna Featherstone

It’s easy to romanticize the “simple life” (I’m guilty of it pretty much daily) but what happens when the simple, sustainable, satisfying life you set …

Personal Growth

Living authentically in midlife with Rachel Macy Stafford

What does it mean to live “authentically” in midlife? I chat with Rachel Macy Stafford, author of the new book Soul Shift: The Weary Human’s …

Kristen Chase on Mother of Reinvention podcast
Beauty & Style

Midlife body image & reclaiming your style with Kristen Mei Chase

What do you do when your midlife body just doesn’t feel like you anymore? From hormone-induced weight gain to a shifting of your proportions, a …

Laura Tremaine Mother of Reinvention Podcast
Divorce + Relationships

Why prioritizing friendship is self-care, with Laura Tremaine

Midlife women have a lot on our plates. Should nurturing friendships take a backseat when we’re busy? Not according to Laura Tremaine, author of The …

Adventure + Creativity

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of REINVENT Magazine is here!

It’s here…the Spring/Summer issue of my magazine, REINVENT…and this one is special. With essays and articles about everything from backyard chickens and foraging in the …

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