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Adventure + Creativity

Reinventing gently in 2024: Episode 9, The Tea’s Made

Feeling pressure to “reinvent” yourself this year? In this episode of The Tea’s Made, I encourage a gentler approach to reimagining your life, plus share ...
Adventure + Creativity

Yes, you ARE creative: Ep 8, The Tea’s Made

 Do you think of yourself as “the creative type”? Maybe you think creativity is something that’s only for artists with a capital “A” – people ...
Adventure + Creativity

Want to love winter? Borrow these Nordic ideas. The Tea’s Made, Episode 7

How do you feel about the winter? Do you embrace the frosty air and darker mornings and earlier sunsets…or do you find yourself gritting your ...
Adventure + Creativity

Easy holiday crafts you can still make before Christmas: Episode 6 of The Tea’s Made

What could be cozier than a holiday crafting session? In this episode I share four simple projects that you can still squeeze into this holiday ...
Adventure + Creativity

How to walk outside all winter long: Ep. 5, The Tea’s Made

Raise your hand if you always intends to keep walking outside throughout the winter…but year after year, you find those walks dwindling away to “never” ...
Home + Living

How to (re)establish a reading practice, plus book club chat with Amy Clark of the Book Gang Podcast

Do you think of yourself as a lapsed reader? Maybe you look back longingly to the days when you were always tied up in a ...
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