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Divorce + Relationships

Love, dating, and healing after divorce – Sunday Morning Tea

What does the process of getting “back to normal” look like after divorce? What is dating after a divorce really like? And how can we …

Adventure + Creativity

Behind-the-scenes of a future bookstore: Sunday Morning Tea

Have you ever dreamed of doing something completely different – like, say, opening a bookstore? Learn more about the bookstore my sister Kathreen and I …

Food & Nutrition

My nutritious, protein-rich rice-cooker oatmeal

Slow-digesting steel-cut oats with protein-rich hemp hearts and fiber-filled chia seeds are creamy, filling, nutritious – and so easy to make in the rice cooker.

Adventure + Creativity

From bureaucrat to bookstore owner at 55

“Owning an bookstore is literally my dream.” Since announcing our plans to start our own indie book shop with our partners in northern Michigan, my …

Health + Wellness

Pep talks for a dreary January – Sunday Morning Tea

Is the month over yet? It’s felt like a long January this year, friends, but in this week’s Sunday Morning Tea, I’m here to remind …

Big-Kid Parenting

Writing new stories in midlife, with novelist Kristen Mei Chase

Strained mother-daughter relationships. Second-chance romances. Overcoming childhood trauma. And, finding your true self in midlife. What do these things have in common? They’re all themes …

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