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Adventure + Creativity

2021 is the year to embrace sisu, the Finnish art of grit

Roughly translated, the Finnish word *sisu* means resilience, courage, fortitude. While *hygge* invites us to linger by the fireplace under a blanket, protected from the ...
Health + Wellness

self-deprivation, motivation, and the power of telling your reinvention story

My guess is that those who have the best success with restrictive programs are also pairing them with a mindset of opportunity and possibility. They're ...
Health + Wellness

developing a pandemic-proof home yoga practice

With yoga studios offering more virtual options than ever before, now is the best time to develop a home yoga practice. Here's why to start ...
Health + Wellness

how (and why!) to create a home yoga studio

Thinking of starting a home yoga practice? Props, music, and more can help you set the stage to
Adventure + Creativity

pandemic pancakes & the power of fallow periods

What I didn't do much of in those early weeks of COVID-19? "Seize the day." At least, not in the way I'd thought I might. ...
Adventure + Creativity

the woman’s guide to buying (and using!) a kayak

Like many women, I have often felt intimidated doing "outdoorsy" stuff by myself. Once I got divorced, I knew that attitude had to change. Here's ...


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