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Adventure + Creativity

pandemic pancakes & the power of fallow periods

What I didn't do much of in those early weeks of COVID-19? "Seize the day." At least, not in the way I'd thought I might. ...
Career Pivots + Second Acts

Should your passion be a hobby or career? There’s always an option C. 

Recently a coaching client of mine was having a hard time deciding whether to keep her job — a low-paying, low-opportunity position in her dream industry — or leave ...

you can always go to the mat.

"Just go to the mat" is a great metaphor for the rest of life, isn’t it? If you know you can always rest, or take ...
Adventure + Creativity

the woman’s guide to buying (and using!) a kayak

Like many women, I have often felt intimidated doing "outdoorsy" stuff by myself. Once I got divorced, I knew that attitude had to change. Here's ...
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