How I nurture my creative process – Sunday Morning Tea

In this edition of my weekly IG Live, Sunday Morning Tea, I answered questions about my creative process and how I make the most of my creative energy & rhythms (hint: it does NOT look like your typical 8-5 workday!)

Some takeaways:

  • I find it helpful to work with, instead of against, my natural rhythms of creativity and mental energy
  • Often, creative work looks a lot like not working at all (staring into space, resting, just living)
  • A loose routine and a tidy space add structure without being stifling

Watch the IG Live here, and check out the links below to products showcased in the video:

Fox Color Changing Nordic Mug

Books discussed:

Also discussed: the MOR Community is now open for membership! Special pricing through 10 AM EST on 11/17/22.

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