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Adventure + Creativity

Cozy & Creative Spaces with Sarah Powers

Do certain areas in your home inspire you creatively? What’s the link between comfort and creativity? In this episode I’m joined by Sarah Powers, my ...
Health + Wellness

Why mobility training is an essential mind-body practice, with Angela Metrou, CPT

When you think about exercise, what moves you? Maybe you want to drop a pants size or tone up your arms. But movement isn’t just ...
Health + Wellness

Tea as self-care, with Laura Cepeda of Modestine

Tea is a beverage, a trade, a historical phenomenon – and so much more. In this episode I revisit my 2022 conversation with Laura Cepeda, ...
Home + Living

6 ways I’m staying warm and cozy right now

The winter is finally here in earnest, and right now I’m all about staying warm and cozy. Listen to learn a DIY idea to keep ...
Home + Living

My #TeaLife + your tea questions, answered!

It’s obvious: I love tea! But how do I incorporate it into my life, and what are my favorite ways to choose, brew, and enjoy ...
Adventure + Creativity

Reinventing gently in 2024: Episode 9, The Tea’s Made

Feeling pressure to “reinvent” yourself this year? In this episode of The Tea’s Made, I encourage a gentler approach to reimagining your life, plus share ...
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