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Adventure + Creativity

Leaning (Back) In To What You Love with Amy Clark of the Mom Advice Book Club

What are the things in your life that used to make you feel like really YOU – that you maybe let go of when things …

Health + Wellness

From “Mediocre” To Marathon Runner at 47 With Personal Trainer Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton had always considered herself “mediocre at everything”… but then ran a marathon for the first time at 47. In this interview, Tania – …

Health + Wellness

Find Your “Food Frame” With Functional Nutritionist Risa Groux

Are carbs the devil, or a necessary source of energy? Are beans a nutritional powerhouse – or a gut-wrecking source of inflammation? Often it seems …

Adventure + Creativity

Turns out I’m middle-aged (and that’s fine by me).

Are you “middle-aged” in your 40s? The math says ‘yes’…and that’s just fine by me.

Adventure + Creativity

Using the body-brain connection to rewrite your story, with Emily Huber

Have you ever wondered why some habits can be so hard to change, no matter how much willpower we throw at them? The more we …

Adventure + Creativity

“You Can’t Succumb.” Embracing Everything With Yoga Instructor Maria Rosner

When I first met Maria Rosner, she was a cool 40-something yoga instructor with older kids, and I was a mom of four kids under …

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