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Health + Wellness

Where the holidays go to die: January re-entry and packing away Christmas

Good morning! In this week’s Sunday Morning Tea we’re talking about re-entry, January challenges/intentions/goals, and that feeling when you’re surrounded by the remnants of Christmas ...
Big-Kid Parenting

When the holidays are disappointing – Sunday Morning Tea

From illness to weather to trying to please no-longer-magic-hungry teens, sometimes the holidays just don’t turn out like we hope. This week’s Sunday Morning Tea ...
Money + Work

6 ways to support podcasters (and other content creators) during a recession

Are we in a recession? It depends who you ask. But with inflated costs on groceries, gas, and other goods, many of us have been ...
Home + Living

How do we REALLY feel about our homes? – Sunday Morning Tea

When it comes to making a home, there’s a big difference between decorating/designing it and simply learning to live comfortably and happily in it. In ...
Big-Kid Parenting

Advent calendars & gifts for tea lovers, plus holidays with older kids – Sunday Morning Tea

In this Sunday Morning Tea, I chat honestly about how hard it can be to let holiday traditions evolve as kids get older, especially as ...
Adventure + Creativity

Essential gear to keep you walking all winter long.

I’ve been challenging myself to walk outside daily as the weather has grown colder this fall, and for a couple of weeks, it was a ...
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