Yes, you ARE creative: Ep 8, The Tea’s Made

 Do you think of yourself as “the creative type”? Maybe you think creativity is something that’s only for artists with a capital “A” – people like painters, dancers, and writers. In our current production-oriented culture, we often overlook the creativity inherent in our daily lives, but the truth is: we are all creative people, and we all have the capacity to live more creative lives. In today’s episode of The Tea’s Made podcast I speak with writer and creativity coach Amy Suardi about how “normal” people doing everyday activities are more creative than you might think. Amy also shares some advice for infusing more creativity into your life. Let this episode inspire you to approach the New Year with more creativity!

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Featured Guest:

Amy Suardi is a writer, author, and creativity coach. Amy leads writing retreats and workshops, and facilitates a Co-Create Circle on Wednesday mornings at The Tea Circle community. Follow Amy on Instagram or sign up for her newsletter.

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