What’s your secret dream? Sunday Morning Tea

We all have secret dreams, but for many of us, they stay tucked away, written off as impossible (or at least, impractical.) In today’s Sunday Morning Tea I ask the question: what kind of world might we create if we all followed our dreams? I also discuss my take on “quiet quitting” and the sentiment that “nobody wants to work anymore”, why doing work that feels meaningful to you is different, and I share more about the up-north bookstore/market venture I’m embarking on as well as the amazing time-capsule apartment that came with the store!

Watch the IG Live here!

Links from today’s Tea:

  • Sipping: Gorge Sunrise black blend from Good Medicine Tea (use code MOR for 15% off your first order!) Mug: Bought at a roadside pasty shop on US-2 in the U.P.!
  • My adorable “sweater” earrings are made by a Michigan artist who sells them at her Etsy shop, Fleece & Fancy. I bought them at Bostique in downtown Manistique – right across the street from where our new bookstore & market will be!
  • I had the pleasure of guest-hosting Amy Clark’s Book Gang podcast to help her announce her 2023 Mom Advice Book Club picks – including Amy’s favorite book of the year, Stockholm Sven, which my sister and I are both loving.
  • Check out the latest episode of The Mom Hour, in which eight of our contributors read aloud their essays on the different emotions that can come along with being a mom.
  • And be sure to listen to my bonus episodes of Mother of Reinvention, dropping over the next few weeks. My episode about “gentle reinvention” and how to make peace with the times in your life when all you can do is just hang on (while staying open to bigger reinventions down the road) published last Thursday, and there will be two more coming over the next two weeks.

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