Sunday Morning Tea: The Holiday Pep Talk Edition

With a week to go until Christmas, we’re all surrendering to the realities of the calendar. Yes, there’s still plenty of planning, shopping, and decorating that can be done in the next six days – it is definitely not too late to decorate a nook or plan an outing with friends or something else that brings you joy! But, at this point it may be time to let go of some loftier and less-realistic goals and put them on the “maybe-next-year” dream list. Join me for a casual pep talk on our last Sunday morning before Christmas day! We chat about everything from cozy holiday PJs to mom gifting fails and more.

This Sunday Morning Tea is coming to you from the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI, on an annual trip to see The Nutcracker (performed by the Grand Rapids Ballet) with my daughter Clara, my sister-in-law Jenna, and her two daughters Ruby and Luna. (Check out my Instagram Stories for photos of our experiences year-by-year!)

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