Pep talks for a dreary January – Sunday Morning Tea

Is the month over yet? It’s felt like a long January this year, friends, but in this week’s Sunday Morning Tea, I’m here to remind you that scaled-back goals can be your friend and February is always there as a fresh start.

Watch the video here. Links below!

What I’m sipping (and sipping out of!):

Tea: Lover’s Leap from Smith Tea. This Ceylon blend has a lot going on! It’s fragrant, floral, and complicated. Great for when you can really give a cup your attention.

Cup: I bought this adorable Toucan “surprise” teacup from Marie-Claude Roch on Etsy, along with panda, alpaca, sea turtle, and fruit bat versions! – for my kids for Christmas a few years ago. She’s only got a couple available right now, but that hippo is awfully cute.

What we discussed:

  • Scaling back expectations and February fresh starts. I asked my personal trainer through the Future app to scale back my workouts from 35-40 minutes 3X week, to 10 minutes or less daily. Since then, I’ve had no trouble keeping up. Sometimes the answer isn’t completely throwing in the towel, but creating a new goal that’s more manageable – and waiting to start again when life allows is completely acceptable, too! The Reinvent Midlife community is rebooting our month-long yoga challenge in February – and you can do that too!
  • Our progress on the Upper Peninsula bookstore project. Follow @PaperMillBooks for the latest!
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