Using the body-brain connection to rewrite your story, with Emily Huber

Have you ever wondered why some habits can be so hard to change, no matter how much willpower we throw at them? The more we choose (or avoid!) a behavior, the more that choice gets wired into our neural pathways until it hardly even feels like a choice anymore. In this episode I talk with mind-body wellness practitioner Emily Huber how she helps clients create healthier lifestyles with several modalities, including a step-by-step meditation process called Neurosculpting® that can help you rewire your neural pathways so that healthier choices actually start to seem like second nature.

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Photograph by Angela Jimenez Photography

About Emily

Emily Huber earned her degree in Massage Therapy from The Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences, in 2003. Emily’s focus, has been to create a mind, body, and spirit practice, and movements, that are specifically geared towards women. Over the years, she also became a reiki master, a registered yoga instructor, certified personal trainer, certified wellness coach and certified Neurosculpting® facilitator. Emily loves sharing the 5-step NeuroSculpting®  process individually, as well as incorporating it into therapeutic bodywork, reshaping yoga classes, and wellness coaching. 

Emily lives and works in St. Joseph Michigan, and is currently offering  group, partner and individual sessions and classes through Zoom and in person at her Body Brain Balance studio.

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