Where the holidays go to die: January re-entry and packing away Christmas

Good morning! In this week’s Sunday Morning Tea we’re talking about re-entry, January challenges/intentions/goals, and that feeling when you’re surrounded by the remnants of Christmas celebration, which of course, you now have to pack up and put away ’til next year 🙂 I also shared about my progress in this year’s yoga challenge at my local studio and how daily meditation is going, and explained my private community’s name change, to Reinvent Midlife.

Some takeaways from our chat:

  • If annual goals or intentions feel too overwhelming, try thinking quarterly. Quarterly goals can be easier to visualize, and it’s easy to lose track of themes/intentions over the course of a whole year. Give yourself the freedom to mix things up.
  • Remember: January isn’t the only month where you can make changes. Intentions, goals, and challenges still “count” if you start them on February 8, or April 17, or December 27.

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