5 things I did “wrong” during my divorce (and one I did absolutely right)

When I started going through my divorce, it seemed like the world around me was suddenly full of warnings, advice, and admonitions. From lawyers and therapists to friends and family, there were no shortage of people with opinions – many of those opinions wise (or at least, well-meaning.) But it’s only now, over six years …

5 things I did “wrong” during my divorce (and one I did absolutely right) Read More »

2021 is the year to embrace sisu, the Finnish art of grit

Roughly translated, the Finnish word *sisu* means resilience, courage, fortitude.

While *hygge* invites us to linger by the fireplace under a blanket, protected from the driving snow, *sisu* demands that we strip off our clothes and propel, naked, into the snowbank. 

And right now, there’s something about that flavor of grit and determination that just seems more appropriate than cocoa and candles, yes?

self-deprivation, motivation, and the power of telling your reinvention story

My guess is that those who have the best success with restrictive programs are also pairing them with a mindset of opportunity and possibility.

They’re not just giving up booze or Starbucks for 30 days; they’re making a concrete plan for what they’ll do with the extra money and time they “find.” They’re mentally filling the void left by the limitation, so that they’re running TOWARD toward something they want…not just AWAY from something they don’t.

you can always go to the mat.

“Just go to the mat” is a great metaphor for the rest of life, isn’t it? If you know you can always rest, or take a step back, or crouch down in the middle of whatever hard thing you’re doing and put your forehead on the floor — without feeling like a failure — it makes that hard drive toward a big goal feel so much more doable. It takes away some of the fear and the doubt.

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