Love, dating, and healing after divorce – Sunday Morning Tea

What does the process of getting “back to normal” look like after divorce? What is dating after a divorce really like? And how can we best be a good friend to a someone going through divorce?

This post obviously struck a nerve this week and inspired a lot of great questions about love, dating, and healing after divorce, so watch the IG Live to hear some of my thoughts on whether you’re likely to feel anxiety or guilt about dating after divorce (absolutely!), whether it was discouraging to go on so many dates before finding lasting love (uh-huh!) and whether it’s possible to skip over these feelings and just “get to the good part” (I doubt it!)

I also talk about how to best support a friend going through divorce (listen without judgment, help her with tasks that she doesn’t know how to do or that feel overwhelming) and share some books I’m reading.

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Lover’s Leap from Smith Tea

Tea: Lover’s Leap from Smith Tea

Books: Shopping at the links below will support our new bookstore and other independent bookstores. Thank you!

Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House, by Cheryl Mendelson

Midwest Foraging, by Lisa M. Rose

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert

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