The Mother of Reinvention Podcast

Season 2 of the Mother of Reinvention podcast is here! The theme for Season 2 is Body + Soul, and we’ll be covering a wide range of topics that speak to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness – everything from functional nutrition and physical fitness, to navigating perimenopause and menopause, to making the most of your neurological health. Check back each week to hear more episodes that will fill your body and soul with helpful tips and stories that will change your perspective on aging as you move into the next phase of your life.

Why Your 40s Are “Prime Time” With Dr. Vonda Wright

Almost 40? Well past 40? You’re just getting started! Dr. Vonda Wright is an orthopedic surgeon and an expert on active aging and mobility as well as the author of several books on the topic of staying healthy, mobile, and vital as we move into our 40s, 50s, and beyond. Today she explains why your 40s are “prime time” for your health and vitality, and offers simple ideas for ways to stay joyful and vibrant no matter what your age. Our conversation is full of practical and encouraging tips you can put into practice right away because they’re simple, sustainable, and intuitive.  Listen now!

Why It’s Not Too Early To Think About Menopause, With Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

Coming soon!

You can listen now to all 12 episodes of Season 1, featuring interviews with amazing women telling their reinvention stories, as well as my thoughts on about how to face change with a
sense of adventure and purpose.

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