Why it’s great to learn new things (plus, a pie crust tutorial) – The Tea’s Made, episode 3

If you’ve ever made a statement that starts with “I’m not the kind of person who can…” – this episode is for you. Opting out of things that stress us out can be great, but learning new skills is good for us – and it can be especially freeing to re-try things we don’t think we’re “good at”, just for the fun of it. In this episode you’ll hear some of my thoughts about why new stages of life are a great time to try things you thought you “couldn’t” do, and how to set yourself up for success…whatever that looks like. You’ll also learn the secret to making a light, flaky pie crust – something I have been saying for years that I “can’t” do.

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In This Episode:

Featured Tea: Smith Tea No. 25
Morning Light

Available in loose leaf or in sachets (tea bags)

Did you love hearing Kirsetin explain how to make a light, flaky pie crust?

Paid subscribers of my Substack can get access to a 23-minute long video showing Kirsetin making the pie (double-crust apple), plus her recipe and supply list, while members of The Tea Circle community get the recipe and supply list plus access to the entire 45-minute video, including a Q&A with community members, and an additional tutorial on how to make a yummy dessert from the pie-crust scraps. You’ll also be able to attend regular live events like this one in the future, and connect deeply with a group of creative, thoughtful, smart women in a social-media-free space.

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