Don’t Run Your Blog Like A Mediocre Restaurant (2 Mistakes To Avoid)

Meagan Francis/ November 12, 2015

As someone who loves to dine out and travels a lot, I’m often baffled by obvious examples of missed customer service at the restaurants and other small businesses I visit. One evening, while ranting to my husband about a so-so dinner experience (which, incidentally, did not come at a so-so price) I started checking off faults we’d noticed in a single dining

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A dream realized (scenes from the BEYOND Retreat)

Meagan Francis/ October 28, 2015

Nearly three weeks ago now, nine women came together in Southwest Michigan to refresh, recharge, dream, and get inspired at my very first live event – the BEYOND Retreat. Our charming rural lodging – a spacious farmhouse on a wooded lot a few blocks from Lake Michigan – set the stage for a relaxing and luxurious weekend. There was plenty of time for group

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Time Is Not The Most Important Thing We Have

Meagan Francis/ September 18, 2015

A little over a year ago, I faced a milestone that had seemed impossibly far away for most of my adult life, and was now, suddenly, right around the corner: the day all five of my children would be in school, all day, all at the same time.  Since having my first child at 20, I’d never experienced a period when I didn’t have at

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Podcasting 101: How To Get Your First Show Off The Ground, Even If You’re A Total Beginner

Meagan Francis/ June 17, 2015

I’m so glad you’re thinking about starting a podcast! After dreaming about podcasting for years, I finally launched my first show, The Home Hour, back in 2012, and just a few months ago started up a small lifestyle podcast network, Life Listened. It’s been a fantastic experience, widening my audience reach and connecting me with fabulous, interesting people in my

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Always Over-Deliver? Raise Your Rates.

Meagan Francis/ March 12, 2015

I have something exciting to announce. No, it’s not a sale, a discount, or a special deal…in fact, it’s the opposite. Starting today, I’m charging…more. For months, I’ve offered a content strategy audit for bloggers and small businesses for $297. As advertised, the deliverable was pretty simple: a 2-3 page analysis of a site’s strengths and weaknesses, with a recommended plan of action.

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Knowing myself, knowing others: my uncomfortable – but revealing – afternoon with the Enneagram

Meagan Francis/ March 3, 2015

I’ve always been a sucker for personality evaluations. I’ve taken Myers-Briggs tests at least two dozen times (ENFP. Always, always ENFP) and as a girl, would always turn first to the “Who’s your style icon?” and “What’s your friendship quotient?” type quizzes in any new issue of Seventeen magazine. As a person who’s fascinated by personality, psychology and the way the human

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Should your passion be a hobby or career? There’s always an option C.

Meagan Francis/ February 24, 2015

Recently a coaching client of mine was having a hard time deciding whether to keep her job – a low-paying, low-opportunity position in her dream industry – or leave it all behind and try to launch a career as a screenwriter. Well into her 30s, with financial obligations that were making her minuscule paychecks unsustainable – but the idea of chucking it all

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Bored? How to stay inspired as a novelty-seeking creative

Meagan Francis/ February 18, 2015

After dropping the kids off at school the other morning, driving down the busiest street in our (admittedly not-very-traffic-congested) town, I saw something unusual: three large wild turkeys, who’d apparently just stumbled up out of the ravine that segments our little city. The trio stood in confusion on the sidewalk, one cautiously approaching the street, then retreating, while the other two

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Why I won’t be making a “40 before 40” bucket list (and what I’m doing instead.)

Meagan Francis/ February 4, 2015

When I first saw When Harry Met Sally, I was a teenager, and the space between 32 – Sally’s age during that pivotal scene – and 40 didn’t seem like much to quibble over. “Yeah, you’re gonna be 40, Sally, but let’s be honest here…you’re already old,” quipped my insufferably youthful mind. Needless to say, when I myself turned 32, that eight-year distance seemed

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