The Reinvent Midlife Community

The Reinvent Midlife community is a private, members-only space designed to support and encourage women 40+ as they answer the question: what’s next? 

Whether you’re dealing with midlife health changes, trying to dial in your wellness routine, parenting teens or young adults, going through a divorce (or are on the other side of one), facing a mid-career pivot, or planning your eventually-empty nest, Meagan and the Reinvent Midlife community are here to help with:

  • Supportive, encouraging goal-setting activities 
  • A nurturing and inclusive environment
  • Restorative, wellness-centered activities to help you transform from the inside out
  • Book discussions and seasonal themes that align personal goals with life’s demands

More Than A Message Board (And No Facebook Required!) This is a safe, friendly place where you can discuss hard topics, ask for help, and explore your dreams and set actionable goals to meet them. Instead of getting distracted by a busy feed, you’ll be able to really dig in on big topics with other women going through the same things as you. Replace mindless scrolling and unhealthy comparisons with targeted, relevant content, in-depth discussion, and real relationships. 

I know many of you support multiple content creators, and you may be asking yourself if another subscription is worth it. Think of the Reinvent Midlife community as an ongoing, intensive, year-long workshop or course rather than simply a content subscription. We – me, the community moderators and participants, and you – are building an intimate, active, engaged place where we can all dig deep, learn, and grow together through content targeted to your stage in life and conversations that deepen the experience.

Year-round benefits will include:

Reinvent Magazine, Jan/Feb 2023
  • Free access to REINVENT, a bimonthly digital magazine featuring essays from me, product recommendations, projects, recipes, articles, templates, and more.
  • Ongoing facilitated discussions about books, articles, and podcast episodes
  • Monthly Zoom chats with Meagan (+occasional special guests: think nutritionists, career coaches, divorce and relationship experts, etc). These will be recorded for later viewing if you can’t make the live discussion.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes podcast and video content you won’t find anywhere else.
  • 24/7 access to a private, members-only community forum for support and encouragement.
  • Exclusive discounts on courses, workshops, merch, and more offered by Meagan and trusted partners.
  • “Surprise” livestreams, group chats, and other bonus conversations and content

2023 Content Themes

January/February: Soothe & Renew. Turn inward, and cultivate rhythms of renewing your body, mind and spirit. We’ll focus on comforting & cozy routines and rituals: skin care, restorative yoga, comforting foods and beverages, easy winter meals, feel-good & functional movement. 

March/April: Simplify & Streamline.  Looking ahead to a “fresh start” by renewing the spirit and focusing on healthy, supportive routines and mindset shifts. 

May/June: Nature’s Bounty. Spring is in full bloom and nature is waking up. Let’s focus on outdoor activities, seasonal recipes and rhythms, sustainable practices, and simple pleasures. 

July/August: Rest & Recreation. A time to focus on fun, family, and recreation with lighter content and an easier schedule. Take a break from your calendar and enjoy the summer! Member meet-ups, easy summer recipes, sun-care tips, travel tips. 

September/October: Plan & Dream. Get your household and personal “ducks in a row” to make room for new visions to emerge! Focus on routines, schedules, habits, and your family’s changing needs. 

November/December:  Create & Celebrate. Simplify your holiday season by focusing on handmade creations and spending time with your favorite people.

Have questions? Feel free to email Meagan at to learn more and find out if the REINVENT Midlife Community is the right fit for you. 


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