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Hi, I'm Meagan.

I’m a writer, podcaster, and mom of five kids ages teen through young adult. As a  parenting author and the co-host & co-creator of The Mom Hour podcast, I’ve been creating content for mothers and about motherhood for decades. As my kids are getting older, I’ve been focusing on the transitional years between full-house and empty nest, and am at work on a book called THE LAST PARENTING BOOK YOU’LL EVER READ, coming from Sourcebooks in 2025. 

These days, amid the hustle of a quickly-changing, increasingly-robotic world – and all the changes that are happening inside my own midlife body and soul – more and more I find myself seeking calm and connectedness. My new podcast The Tea’s Made, and my Substack publication by the same name bring you cozy conversations about creativity, self-care, and more. I’m glad you’re here – please get comfortable, pour a cup of tea, and stay a while.

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