self-deprivation, motivation, and the power of telling your reinvention story

My guess is that those who have the best success with restrictive programs are also pairing them with a mindset of opportunity and possibility.

They’re not just giving up booze or Starbucks for 30 days; they’re making a concrete plan for what they’ll do with the extra money and time they “find.” They’re mentally filling the void left by the limitation, so that they’re running TOWARD toward something they want…not just AWAY from something they don’t.

pandemic pancakes & the power of fallow periods

What I didn’t do much of in those early weeks of COVID-19? “Seize the day.” At least, not in the way I’d thought I might. I didn’t dream up any brand-new, pandemic-inspired businesses, nor proactively re-shape my current business to capitalize on the coming “new normal.” As the world seemed to grind to a halt around me, I surprised myself by how much I slowed down with it.

Should your passion be a hobby or career? There’s always an option C. 

Recently a coaching client of mine was having a hard time deciding whether to keep her job — a low-paying, low-opportunity position in her dream industry — or leave it all behind and try to launch a career as a screenwriter. Well into her 30s, with financial obligations that were making her minuscule paychecks unsustainable — but the idea of chucking …

Should your passion be a hobby or career? There’s always an option C.  Read More »

you can always go to the mat.

“Just go to the mat” is a great metaphor for the rest of life, isn’t it? If you know you can always rest, or take a step back, or crouch down in the middle of whatever hard thing you’re doing and put your forehead on the floor — without feeling like a failure — it makes that hard drive toward a big goal feel so much more doable. It takes away some of the fear and the doubt.

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