2021 is the year to embrace sisu, the Finnish art of grit

Roughly translated, the Finnish word *sisu* means resilience, courage, fortitude.

While *hygge* invites us to linger by the fireplace under a blanket, protected from the driving snow, *sisu* demands that we strip off our clothes and propel, naked, into the snowbank. 

And right now, there’s something about that flavor of grit and determination that just seems more appropriate than cocoa and candles, yes?

pandemic pancakes & the power of fallow periods

What I didn’t do much of in those early weeks of COVID-19? “Seize the day.” At least, not in the way I’d thought I might. I didn’t dream up any brand-new, pandemic-inspired businesses, nor proactively re-shape my current business to capitalize on the coming “new normal.” As the world seemed to grind to a halt around me, I surprised myself by how much I slowed down with it.

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