Change – it’s just a part of life. And in a time when everything seems to be changing fast, we sometimes need a reminder that with each reinvention comes opportunity: to build resilience, to embrace new adventures, and to face new challenges with optimism, grace, and courage.

Whether you’re:

-Sending your kids off to middle school – or their adult lives;

-Starting a new business or embarking on a mid-career job change;

-Divorcing, getting married, blending a family, or trying to remember how to date;

-Struggling to juggle the new realities of working at home while helping your kids learn from home;

-Trying to make time and energy for a new creative passion or hobby;

-Or, just trying to add a sense of adventure, curiosity and courage to every day life –

then you’re a Mother of Reinvention and I’ve got your back.

On my blog and podcast, I share my thoughts and experiences as a 40-something, divorced mom of quickly-growing older kids, as well as a business owner, outdoors enthusiast and adventurous soul.

I hope you’ll find this to be a welcoming, supportive place to dive into changes and new adventures coming your way.

Let’s reinvent!