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Self-acceptance -vs- self-improvement: do they have to compete?

“You’re enough.” “You’re amazing.” “You’re beautiful, just as you are.” Also: “Employ a growth mindset!” “Do better.” And, “This is your year to slay!”

Everywhere we look, we see conflicting messages: you’re wonderful and deserving of acceptance just as you are, but – pssst – honestly, you could do a lot better. And at no time is that message louder than midlife, when it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed opportunities to make the absolute most of your life. In this episode I talk with Kate Hanley, creator and host of the How To Be A Better Person Podcast, about how you can both accept yourself AND seek growth, and why the question of “self-acceptance or self-improvement?” doesn’t have to be either/or, but both/and.

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