If you could live anywhere: empty-nest moving fantasies and what it means to bloom where you’re planted, with Melody Warnick

Do you fantasize about moving across the country – or globe – the minute the kids move out? Are you happily settled in your current town or city? Or, is your answer a bit more nuanced? While the place we live can have a major impact on the way we live, the truth is that we have a lot of influence over the way we experience our surroundings – and the average person has plenty of time to settle into, and get the most out of, multiple home towns.

In this episode I talk with Melody Warnick, author of This Is Where You Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are, and If You Could Live Anywhere: The Surprising Importance of Place in a Work-From-Anywhere World, about just why finding the “perfect” place to move can be so tricky, and how you can become “place attached”, wherever you are right now. Plus I share how my nomadic younger days led to a much more settled-down midlife, and how I see my wanderlust playing out as I head into the empty-nest years.

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