The Mother of Reinvention Show

say hello to my new podcast, the mother of reinvention show!

Your kids are getting older. Now what? Whether you’re facing a mid-career pivot, health and wellness journey, divorce or blending a family, or just looking to add a sense of adventure, curiosity and courage to your everyday life again now that the little-kid stage is past, you’re definitely going to want to check out my new podcast, Mother of Reinvention. Click through to check out the trailer, and stay tuned – the first full episode will drop March 25!




  • Lillian L Dunn

    Hi Meagan! So excited for the new podcast! Unfortunately I went to find it through PocketCast and can’t see it!! Has it dropped yet? Thanks!!

  • Kelsey Scrupps

    Hi Lillian, just in case you haven’t seen, there was a delay in the launch, but Meagan has surprised us with two episodes this week and they are live now!