Reinventing With Intention With Christine Koh: Mother of Reinvention, Episode 7

When you’re already juggling a dozen projects, how do you make space and time for something new – especially if you have no idea how it’s done? That’s the dilemma author, podcaster, business owner, designer, and all-around renaissance woman, Christine Koh, found herself facing when she decided to add “getting bylines in major publications” to her repertoire. There was just one problem: Christine didn’t actually know how to do that. But by getting intentional about her goal and reaching out to her network for help, she quickly added “published in the Boston Globe, CNN, and The Washington Post” to her already-illustrious bio. In this episode of Mother of Reinvention, Christine and I discuss her many career pivots and projects, her recent decision to reclaim the “Dr.” in her title, why taking chances pays off, why it’s so important to reach out to your community for help, and more.

Left to Right: Christine Koh, Meagan Francis, Sarah Powers

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About Christine:

Christine Koh is a music and brain scientist turned multimedia creative. She is also a fierce believer in the power of humans, small moments and actions, and vulnerable, authentic storytelling. She communicates on these beliefs through her work as a writer (her latest work is at the Washington Post, Boston Globe Magazine, and CNN; co-author of Minimalist Parenting; and founder of the award-winning blog Boston Mamas), podcaster (Edit Your Life, Hello Relationships), designer (Brave New World Designs), and creative director (Women Online).

Christine lives in the Boston area with her husband Jonathan and daughters Laurel and Violet. She’s @DrChristineKoh on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Episode Links:

  • Learn more about Christine’s book, listen to her podcast or learn about her various projects on her website.
  • Read Christine’s Instagram post, mentioned in this episode, behind her decision to reclaim the “Dr.” in her title.
  • Also, catch her latest newsletter where Christine shares a great narrative on “behind the scenes” of her recent stalled book project and success in getting her byline in major publications.
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