From White-Knuckling Life To Embracing Balance with Yoga Instructor Lisa Segar: Mother of Reinvention, Episode 5

Do you know when you can give more – and when it may be time to hold back? The practice of yoga – and specifically, learning to strike that delicate balance between not giving up when things get challenging, but also resting when it’s the right thing to do – has been a big part of my personal reinvention story, so I’m excited today to talk to Lisa Segar, one of my favorite instructors at my local studio, Yoga Life.

For years I mostly knew Lisa as the instructor who taught 4:45 Vinyasa Flow on Thursdays and 7 PM Restorative on Mondays, so it was an honor to get to know her better – and a surprise to find out that she doesn’t actually, you know, live on the mat! Lisa has a demanding full-time job as a home health nurse and a new blended family, which includes her husband and stepkids plus two kids from a previous marriage, and her story and mine dovetail in a lot of ways – Lisa and I were going through our divorces around the same time, and she began teaching at Yoga Life right around the time I started stepping up my practice there. Today Lisa and I talk about everything from dealing with out-of-control feelings and perfectionism, and how yoga has helped her embrace her 50s, see her body and health in a new way, and has, in her words, given her a life.

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About Lisa:

Lisa Segar discovered yoga in 2015 during the end of her marriage, and began instructor training in September of 2016. She began teaching at YogaLife, an Ashtanga-based studio in St. Joseph, MI, in September of 2016, where she has been teaching since early 2017. Lisa holds a 500-RYT certification as well as a level one certification in Restorative Yoga. Off the mat, Lisa has been a mom for 22 years to her two boys, Seth and Austin. She recently married her husband Kurtis and has become a stepmom to Summer and Carly. Being a nurse for 25 years, Lisa has worked most of her career in Home Care. Lisa practices as a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence nurse and is also a clinical instructor for the Lake Michigan College Nursing Program.

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