How To Love Who You Are Today While Making Positive Change For Tomorrow With Midlife Nutrition And Wellness Coach Rachel Hughes

When it comes to midlife health and wellness, it’s easy to internalize a “no pain, no gain” mentality. But what might our relationships with our bodies look like if we were able to truly accept ourselves while also making positive changes? Today I’m excited to bring Rachel Hughes back to the show for a deep dive into some of the more touchy-feely aspects of health. We explore the questions: can changing the way we eat be fun? Can physical activity feel good? And, how can discipline and contentment co-exist?

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About Rachel Hughes

Rachel is a graduate of Vassar College and received a MSEd from Bank St. College, NYC, with a focus on Museum Education. She later received her license in nutritional counseling and worked with chronic pain patients for over 10 years at the New England Center for Chronic Pain in Greenwich, CT.

After finding that her own perimenopausal symptoms were disruptive to her life, Rachel launched her own platform, The Meno Memos, a landing spot she hopes to be a lively, engaging and relatable feed for women of all backgrounds to be inspired to live a healthy, vibrant second season of life.  Rachel is also the host of “Perry Talks” a series of live interviews with physicians, experts, thought leaders and inspirational voices on all things peri/menopause, exclusively on the @ohhelloperry app and now also a podcast, Perimenopause WTF?

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Instagram- R A C H E L H U G H E S (@themenomemos)

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