Tea As Self-Care With Laura Cepeda of Modestine

Laura Cepeda grew up immersed in tea culture. Her grandmother Modestine modeled a respect for tea and rituals around serving it on the Caribbean island where she grew up, but it took Laura a while to see past what she considered “stuffy” tradition and really recognize the power of a tea-based self-care ritual. Now, as a certified tea sommelier and the founder of Modestine®️, Laura is making the magic of tea ceremony accessible to contemporary women.

In this episode, Laura shares how her Carribbean upbringing – and her grandmother’s approach to community and wellness – have influenced her, tells about her experience of becoming a tea sommelier, and explains just why tea, and rituals around tea, are so powerful.

About Laura Cepeda

Laura Cepeda is the Founder and CEO of Modestine®️, a lifestyle tea brand promoting wellness through the power of Celebration, Connection, Self-Love and the magic of tea rituals.

As a Certified Tea Sommelier, Laura is passionate about helping individuals understand the foundation in the history, production, classification, identification, traditions, preparation and health benefits of tea.  Laura hosts regular tea rituals and wellness workshops throughout New York City.  

When Laura isn’t working on tea blends and wellness-related projects, she can be found tending to her plants, spending time in nature, and practicing yoga and meditation.  She finds relief from everyday stress through dancing to soca, calypso, Afro beats and bachata.

Episode Links:

Instagram: MODESTINE®️| ORGANIC TEAS (@modestineteas)

Facebook:  Modestine Tea | Facebook

Website: Modestine® Tea: A Ritual-focused Wellness Brand (modestinetea.com)

Watch Laura and Meagan chat about tea and learn how to prepare a proper pot of tea on Instagram Live on Sunday, June 14 at 9 AM EST!

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