Embracing Discomfort & Learning Resilience Through Travel with Heather Greenwood Davis: Mother of Reinvention, Episode 3

Could you pick up your family and leave life as you know it for a year – or more? Heather Greenwood Davis is a long-time travel writer, and in 2011 – when her sons were 8 and 10 – she embarked on a multi-continent, year-long trip with her entire family. Nearly ten years later, Heather shares the way that this trip was life-changing for her family, how it’s made them more courageous and resilient separately and as a unit, and how she’s taken this sense of adventure forward into her career, life, and relationships. Whether you’ve been a lifelong traveler or are just getting around to it in this phase of your life, Heather’s story of grit and gusto is sure to inspire you to start filling out that passport application and planning your next adventure.

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About Heather:

Heather Greenwood Davis is a Contributing Writer and on-air storyteller for National Geographic and a Feature Writer with The Globe and Mail. Her work appears regularly in a host of national and international publications. Heather also appears on television stations across North America and has been featured in O Magazine and NPR. She is the resident travel expert on The Social – a national daily lifestyle show –  and co-host of Get, Set, Go!.

Heather believes in travel as a change agent, and has shared insights as a speaker in university classrooms, at conferences and at trade gatherings. Heather is also the voice behind GlobetrottingMama.com – an international, family travel blog that features the adventures she takes with (and without) her husband Ish and their two sons, Ethan and Cameron.

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Just for fun – a pic of Heather and I looking glam at the 2018 Iris Awards.
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