Why Food Is Medicine and Mindset is Everything, With Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams

What if the key to aging well is simpler than we thought – and available to everyone? Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams began her career as a pharmacist, where she noticed that many customers were filling prescriptions to treat chronic illnesses that were preventable by making different lifestyle choices. She found that she felt more called to help people live healthy, thriving lives by getting in front of those diseases and conditions rather than defaulting to treating them chemically – or as she puts it, “on the back end.” Dr. Lisa now provides encouragement, education, and inspiration toward living a healthier life at The Domestic Life Stylist. Her approach is based on her island upbringing where she learned to look to nature for nourishing and healing. 

Dr. Lisa also knows that what we eat is only part of the equation – mindset is also key. If we stay curious, keep learning, and find ways to make lifestyle changes fun and exciting, we’re so much more likely to succeed and actually enjoy trying new things. Listen on for an inspiring and entertaining episode of The Mother of Reinvention Show!

About Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams

Planted on the nature island of Dominica West Indies and natured in America’s Paradise, the United States Virgin Islands, Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams grew up with the notion that food was medicine and that nature was a resource best tapped into first.  

A registered pharmacist by trade, Dr. Lisa traded her script pad for a keypad and never looked back. Inspired by her own changes in her diet and health, her blog, the Domestic Life Stylist, offers educational and inspiring posts on healthy and intentional living where food and lifestyle habits not pharmaceuticals, are first line to attaining optimal health and wellness.

The veteran homeschooling mom lives in the Washington Metro DC area with her husband and two kids.

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