Marketing To (And By!) Midlife Moms With Katie Keating

Have you ever felt ignored – or worse, condescended to – by ads for the products you use every day? While there’s been an influx of indie brands and direct-to-consumer companies specifically targeting midlife women in their product lines and advertising, as a whole, big brands – and their storytelling – haven’t quite caught up with the reality that women over 40 are stylish, energetic, opinionated consumers with money to spend.

Katie Keating, cofounder and co-CCO of Fancy, a New York-based advertising agency, wants to change that with creative campaigns that tell stories women over 40 identify with, created by talent who gets it. Listen for an insightful conversation about the obstacles Katie and her colleagues faced as women in advertising, which led to them starting their own boutique agency; the flexible, lifestyle-friendly work environment they’ve created for their team; and the impact they’ve been able to help brands make – starting with taking our demographic seriously.

About Katie:

In 2011, Katie Keating co-founded the 100% women-owned, operated, and focused advertising agency, Fancy. With a mission to elevate what’s important to women, Fancy breaks taboos around aging, pleasure, sexual health, bodily functions, mental health, even finance and moves the cultural needle forward with every assignment. Prior to founding Fancy, Katie worked her way in, up, and around the big-name, blue-chip agency world: Saatchi, Publicis, JWT, Grey, Wells Rich Greene, and even a stint on the client-side at Clinique. Campaigns for Olay, Tide, Garnier, Delta Air Lines, Pantene, Clairol and more all bear her hallmark copywriting style of thoughtful words delivered with a wink.


Survey: Fancy’s Research On Advertising To Women Over 40

LinkedIn: Katie Keating

Instagram- Fancy, LLC (@fancynyc)

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