Exploring an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle With Megan and Holly of Dry Together

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a glass of wine when you’re stressed or bored – even though you aren’t sure you actually want it? Has alcohol become a habit in your life, rather than something that’s mindfully chosen? Or have you worried about the health affects of alcohol (or just find that your hangovers are getting worse!) in midlife, and want to cut back – but aren’t sure how? In this episode of Mother of Reinvention I talk with Megan and Holly, the founders of Dry Together, an alcohol-free community for midlife moms. Megan and Holly share why they started the community, what led to their own decisions to reexamine their relationship with alcohol, and why they believe women and moms in midlife are particularly poised to make positive changes in this area. We also discuss mocktails, of course! Tune in for a judgment-free, inspiring conversation about just what possibilities can open up when we rethink old patterns and assumptions.

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