A Simple Approach To Avoiding Inflammation With Nutrition Coach Rachel Hughes

Inflammation. We’ve all heard we should avoid, prevent, and/or reduce it. But, where does inflammation really come from, and which diet is the right one for heading it off at the pass? Is it possible that mitigating this chronic health-threatening condition can be as simple (nobody said EASY…) as managing stress, getting enough sleep, and sustaining an eating and movement lifestyle that feels good? In this episode, Certified Nutritional Coach Rachel Hughes of The Meno Memos does a deep dive into what chronic inflammation really is and how it can affect our health, and offers some simple strategies for heading it off at the pass. We also talk about the hormonal changes happening in a woman’s 40s and 50s, menopause symptoms like the dreaded “brain fog”, and the disparities in access to quality healthcare that negatively impacts women of color.

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Rachel Hughes is a mid-life mother, wife, CNC and perimenopausal blogger. She wants to create safe spaces where peri- and menopausal women can help each other navigate these particular years together with honesty, thoughtfulness and a lot of laughter. 

Rachel has worked with chronic pain patients for over 10 years; and believes that food, nutrients and movement can be used as powerful tools to help people rebalance and heal themselves from all sorts of physical and physiological challenges, including those driven by fluctuating hormones. With her platform, she hopes to encourage women to inspire each other to dispense stories and insights about everything from food to fashion, career to beauty!

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