From “Mediocre” To Marathon Runner at 47 With Personal Trainer Tania Dalton

Tania Dalton had always considered herself “mediocre at everything”… but then ran a marathon for the first time at 47. In this interview, Tania – who is also a healthy aging coach and personal trainer – shares her story of how it felt to get through training and then cross the finish line after decades of never feeling like she’d accomplished much. It not only gave her a huge amount of confidence, but also helped her reframe what her body is capable of – and now she helps women approaching midlife and beyond tap into their own potential. If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s too late for you to try a new big challenge – or feel the days slipping by without making a lot of progress toward those big, audacious goals – you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode of Mother of Reinvention. 

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About Tania

Tania is a 52 year old Healthy Aging Coach and Personal Trainer who is passionate about redefining age. She lives in Australia with her family.

Losing her father (who was 47) to a sudden heart attack prompted Tania to qualify as a fitness trainer and begin researching and studying the effects of lifestyle on ageing. It has and continues to be her passion to explore how we can not only live longer but also age better.

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