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Leaning on Faith Through Life Transitions with Episcopal Priest Sarah Condon

No matter what your specific religious beliefs are – or whether you have any defined beliefs at all – there is undoubtedly something comforting and essential about finding a sense of purpose, meaning, and wisdom outside of yourself. As someone who grew up in the Christian church, grew away from faith and found myself fumbling back in my 40s, I know how tricky and fraught this dance can be, so I was excited to have this conversation with Episcopal priest, podcaster, writer and mom Sarah Condon. Sarah talks honestly about what it’s like to be a female spiritual leader, her work as the chaplain of Rice University, and how she sees women in transitional periods of life leaning into – and sometimes, temporarily away from – their spirituality. She also talks movingly about the recent tragic loss of her parents and how her faith has buoyed her through.

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About Sarah

Sarah Condon is an Episcopal priest living and working in Houston, Texas. She also serves as the Episcopal chaplain to Rice University. She went to University of Mississippi, and then Yale for Divinity School. She is married to the Reverend Josh Condon, and have two children, Neil and Annie.

Sarah is an associate editor of the Mockingbird Blog, author of Churchy: The Real Life Adventures of a Wife, Mom, and Priest, and co-host of The Mockingcast.

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  • Kathy Rohlfing

    Really enjoyed your interview with Sarah. I have listened to a few of your episodes, hope to go back and listen to the ones I missed.

    Thank you for doing these podcasts-they are informative, entertaining and so enjoyable. I always walked away from them encouraged and energized.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Sally Williams

    Sarah is a very special female priest. She is also involved with Mockingbird. And before Rice University she was a lowly assistant priest at a huge rich Episcopal church in Houston. She got all the grunge services. Her pain and methods of dealing with her parents loss have deepened her but she still has a wonderful approach to living a Christian life. Thanks for having her.
    An aside, I was visiting a friend in Houston and tho’ not churchy I wanted her to have the book. When B&N was out I texted Sarah about where I could find it. “Right here on the table by the door” she said. We’re close to B&N. So Pam got to meet her, Josh and the kids.