Find Your “Food Frame” With Functional Nutritionist Risa Groux

Are carbs the devil, or a necessary source of energy? Are beans a nutritional powerhouse – or a gut-wrecking source of inflammation? Often it seems to depend on who you ask. But what if it also depends on YOU, and your unique body and needs? In today’s episode I’m talking with functional nutritionist Risa Groux, who believes in a customized approach to nutrition. Risa’s FoodFrame approach matches you with one of seven eating lifestyles that are based on sustainable choices that work for YOU and your body. In this conversation Risa really demystifies a lot of the common confusion around everything from carbs to collagen, gut health to healthy fats. Make food fun again by listening to this episode of the Mother of Reinvention show!

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About Risa

Risa Groux, CN is a Functional Nutritionist in Newport Beach, California. Functional nutrition is based on the approach that the body can heal naturally with food and nutritional supplement support once root causes of a health concern are uncovered.

Rooted in this systems biology-based approach, Risa developed the FoodFrame™ methodRisa’s Recipes, and RGN products to determine an appropriate nutrition plan based on symptoms and health concerns. Watch for Risa’s book, FoodFrame, coming out this fall.

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