“You Can’t Succumb.” Embracing Everything With Yoga Instructor Maria Rosner

When I first met Maria Rosner, she was a cool 40-something yoga instructor with older kids, and I was a mom of four kids under 11, pregnant with my fifth baby, and had just moved to a small town in southwest Michigan. Now, I’m about the age she was then, and she’s still a cool older yoga instructor embracing city life in Chicago. In this sometimes irreverent conversation Maria and I discuss the physical and spiritual sides of yoga, looking and feeling good as we get older, and how to embrace our lives and choices so that we can create our own narratives.

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Maria Rosner has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years, in Chicago and her second home in Southwest Michigan. As a lifelong athlete and fitness enthusiast, Maria discovered yoga at a physically and mentally stressful time in her life. The effects of yoga on her health and wellness were so profound that she made it her vocation to
teach. Maria sees every moment as an opportunity—to embrace life, to care for others, and to love without judgment.

Maria currently teaches at several of Chicago’s premiere yoga and fitness studios, including Yogaview, East Bank Club, Midtown Athletic Club, Equinox, and the Chicago Athletic Clubs. When she’s not teaching yoga, Maria goes to as many concerts as she can, loves to cook for friends and family, and drives her vintage 1971 Buick Riviera around Southwest Michigan.

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  • Maria’s instagram handle is @yoga.maria. Follow to learn more about naked bicycling (and other things.)
  • You can also follow find more information on her yoga classes on her Facebook Page: @mariarosneryoga 
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