Discovering Your True Self Through Outdoor Adventure with Dagmara Kokonas: Mother of Reinvention, Episode 12

“Wow, none of the things I do are actually FOR ME!” That’s what our guest, Dagmara Kokonas, found herself feeling at the age of 40: filling many roles for others, but without a clear sense of herself. Then she decided to go on a solo trip that happened to include daily hikes…and that changed everything. Now, along with her business partner Jenny, Dagmara leads other women in transformative outdoor adventures via her business Top Set Trekkers. In this episode of Mother of Reinvention, Dagmara and I discuss how to face and conquer fear, what it’s like when you start embracing more adventure and challenge, and how to make sure you don’t lose yourself amid all the roles you play.

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About Dagmara:

In 2009, at the age of 40, Dagmara Kokonas took a transformative solo trip that changed her mindset on life. Before the trip, Dagmara referenced her life to being like living in a mine: sending resources to the top, always keeping herself down below, always searching for the next fruitful vein. This all changed after her trip, when she began to look upward, outward and inward. Now, she encourages others to “take a risk on an opportunity to encounter a bit of your best self, in a neutral zone somewhere between Real World and Ideal World” and helps women transform their lives through guided, female-focused adventures as one of the Co-Founders of Top Set Trekkers.

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