Recharge Your Life with Meaghan Murphy: Mother of Reinvention, Episode 10

Have you ever noticed how all the pieces of your life seem to go together? When your house is a mess, your head feels like a mess; when you’re worried about your relationships it’s hard to focus on work or play, and all of it can drain your energy and leave you spiraling downward into negativity. In this episode of the Mother of Reinvention Show, I talk with Meaghan Murphy, Editor-In-Chief of Woman’s Day Magazine, about what she learned about positivity, energy, productivity and more while writing her book Your Fully Charged Life. She’s full of practical and doable ideas that will help you “charge up” all areas of your life, from health and relationships to work, family, and more. We also talk about changes in the publishing industry and what it’s like to completely revamp and run a major newsstand magazine from a home office in the middle of a pandemic. Meaghan’s energy is infectious and I know you’re going to love this conversation!

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About Meaghan:

Meaghan B (no period) Murphy is an author, editor, on-air personality, lifestyle and health expert, a home-hack master and certified trainer. Meaghan was recently named Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day, charged with re-energizing the brand across print and digital. This follows a 6-year stint as executive editor at Good Housekeeping. Meaghan promotes Woman’s Day in the media as a regular guest expert on shows like the Live with Kelly & Ryan, Today, and The Dr. Oz Show.

In addition, Meaghan shot a year-long series for NBC News titled “A Better Way,” in which she shared MacGyver-style home hacks and shortcuts, which led to a column in GH. She joined the fourth season of “Small Business Revolution” (Hulu) as an expert in building community spirit — something she effectively did as Chief Spirit Officer of her own suburban town of Westfield, New Jersey. 

A New Jersey native, Meaghan married her younger brother’s best friend, Patrick, and together they live in Westfield with Team Murphy: Charley (10), James (8), Brooks (7), and labradoodle Dempsey, where just released of her debut book Your Fully Charged Life with Penguin Random House.  

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