Writers: Get Published & Build Your Career With My New E-Courses!

Four years ago, I offered my first class for writers wanting to get pitching, get published, and get serious about their careers.

And I have to tell you, I was amazed by the results.

My students went on to publish in major magazines, like Parents and American Baby. They were featured on big-name websites like the Huffington Post and BabyZone. They went on to land regular blogging gigs at places like Disney Baby and Babble.com, wrote and published books, and even taught classes of their own. Several of my students told me that my class changed their life by helping them build a career they could love and be proud of, working from home on their own schedule.

It showed me that when you take a motivated group of writers, give them plenty of in-depth, nuts-and-bolts information, and walk them through it every step of the way – while offering plenty of encouragement and cheerleading, of course – they have everything they need to build a successful, satisfying freelance career.

Now it’s your turn to get your writing career off the ground. For the first time in two years, I’m bringing back my popular and sought-after series of writing classes: Get Pitching, Get Published! and its build-on course, Writing Intensive.

The classes will take you from idea to pitch to assignment and beyond, helping you build and shape a freelance career that suits your interests, lifestyle and the goals and dreams you have for yourself with the flexibility you need to work around family commitments.

Early-bird rates will end this weekend, so don’t delay! Learn more about Get Pitching, Get Published! and Writing Intensive now. Payment plans are available, so no more procrastinating – make your writing dreams come true in 2015!



  • Amy

    Meagan, what’s the primary format of this course? I understand that the scheduled chats are optional, but what exactly does the course consist of (webcasts, bulletin board discussions, etc)? Is there a required scheduled time for attendance? Thanks!

    • Meagan Francis

      Hey Amy! The class mostly takes place in a private online discussion forum where I’ll share larger weekly lessons and daily mini-assignments and where students can ask questions of me and their classmates. There are no time requirements – obviously, the more you put into the class the more you’ll get out of it, but I expect that some students will be in a situation where they can invest much more time than others.

      Minimally, to really make the most of the class I think you’ll need to commit to checking into the online bulletin board (or signing up to get notifications via email and responding that way) at least a few times a week. The class isn’t exactly self-paced, but all of the materials will be available for you to take with you after the fact, so anything you don’t complete in the 4 weeks can be worked on later.

      Ideally, I’ve been telling people to set aside 5-10 hours per week for class discussions and activities if they want to get a running start, but you could definitely make progress in less time if you focus and commit.

      Does that help?

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