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Speaking on behalf of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility at the Mom 2.0 Summit in 2014

Speaking on behalf of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility at the Mom 2.0 Summit

“Meagan was warm and friendly right from the start.  Our audience was eager with specific questions and Meagan was able to both answer from her experiences and garner participation from the audience, which gave way to a wonderful communal discussion and exchange of ideas throughout the audience.  Attendance and participation was the highest we have ever had for an event of this kind.” – Nicole Lynn, Working Families Business Resource Council, Northern Trust

As a working mother of many, I bring a unique, refreshing and inspiring perspective to the topics I speak on, including working parenthood, raising great families, and lifestyle design for corporations like Northern Trust, conferences like BlogHer, Mom 2.0, and ASJA, and nonprofit parenting and work-life balance organizations. I’m comfortable in intimate, workshop settings as well as in a traditional lecture-style environment – and wherever I speak, I bring a mix of authenticity and authority, passion and expertise. My presentation style is often called warm, engaging, funny, and interactive. 

Just a handful of the topics I can present on:

  • Balance Is a Myth.
    Lifestyle magazines have long taught us to seek a “balance” between work and life, but working parents know that balance is bunk. I share my winning formula for juggling all the things that matter to us.
  • Building a Dream (and making it reality)Inspiration and useful advice for the would-be entrepreneur or work-at-home mom.
  • Fairness is More Than 50/50
    When it comes to the division of labor, modern couples need to think beyond a 50/50 split.
  • Real Self-Care
    Realistic ways moms can shove guilt over and make space on their calendars for true self-care – that goes beyond pedicures and bubble baths.
  • Building Great Families
    What makes a family great? It’s a sense of shared goals, cooperation, and a feeling of being on the same team.
  • Avoiding the “Busy Trap”We have more power over our family schedules than we might believe – it’s time to claim it and create the home lives we want to live (and want our kids to one day remember.)
  • Redefining – and Reclaiming – the Family DinnerInspiration to make regular meals a reality with a 21st century perspective on what “family dinner” can mean – and how it can meld with modern family life.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your event, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.